Is Monsanto an evil company?

A majority of activists who are deeply concerned about impact of GM crops and herbicides see Monsanto as their #1 villain.   Monsanto is an agricultural biotechnology corporation based out of the United States. 

It was in 1974 that Monsanto launched Roundup. Roundup is an herbicide and one of its ingredients is glyphosate.

Roundup has been advertised as safe for usage and effective for killing weeds. But the claim has been a cause of worldwide controversy.

The weed killer is nevertheless used at all places in the world, and the company makes billions from it.

It was 1996 that Monsanto came across as one of pioneers in growth of GM (Genetically Modified) crops. Presently, the brand is the largest manufacturer of GM seeds, and holds 90% of market share.

It was then in the year 2015 that World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) made an important ruling. Researchers expressed that glyphosate was probably carcinogenic.

With this news, a number of people across the world laid claims that exposure to glyphosate was the underlying cause of their cancer. They included grounds people, gardeners and farmers, and claimed that exposure to the herbicide was what led to cancer among their loved ones or themselves.

Notably, Californian groundskeeper De Wayne Johnson was the first person to receive $289 million payout from Monsanto. He had contracted terminal cancer. Similarly, jurisdiction has ruled in favor of a couple that claimed that Roundup has given them cancer. They received a $2 billion payout.

We can still not be sure about how Monsanto’s lawsuits will bring about a change in how Roundup is used. It is however Monsanto’s 1,700 patented seeds that account for 70% of the brand’s sales. If we take a look at United States’ agricultural produce, 90% of their sugar beet, cotton, soybeans and corn are genetically modified. A majority of them have been sourced from Monsanto’s patented seeds.

Demand for GM crops is likely to grow across the years to come, in order to nourish the world’s population which is growing fast. Monsanto is an agrichemical giant and is unlikely to be taken down anytime soon.

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