Has the GMO fear frenzy finally died out?

GMO refers to Genetically Modified Organism. While GMO is a promising scientific field, it is a subject of debate as well.

Genetic engineering is bringing about a transformation in the food we eat. It is changing the world that we live in.

GMO has some fine implementations over our meals. We nowadays come across broccoli and tomatoes that are chock full of cancer fighting chemicals. Similarly cassava, sweet potatoes and rice is nowadays vitamin enhanced.

Peanuts, soy and wheat are made in such a way that they are free from allergens. By eating bananas, one gets vaccinated as the vaccines are present within bananas.

In the same way, vegetable oils are high on therapeutic ingredients. For patients who are at a high risk of cardiovascular disorders, these oils are being prescribed by doctors.

A number of subject matter experts have the opinion that for the next wave of advancements in health and agriculture, it is genetically engineered foods that will play a significant role.

While there is a great potential in these biotechnology products, this also comes across as matter of uncertainty. There are reasons to believe that genetically modified foods can potentially be dangerous.

The criticism stems from the proposition that genetically modified foods are rushed to the markets, even before their effects on our being are understood in entirety. A few media reports put one in a double mind regarding use of genetically modified foods. One such case is wherein taco shells have been contaminated with corn that has been genetically engineered, and is not fit for human consumption.

In places such as Europe and North America, impact of GMOs, and their value have both become matters of debate. Some optimism is shown over the matter, and it has come across outright opposition in some cases as well.

There are a number of matters related to genetically modified foods which must be understood in detail. This would help one define his attitude towards GMOs, and decide upon whether he intends to consume them or not.

One must know about who is consuming GMOS. Their benefits and risks must be understood. One must also understand more about their effects over environment and global agricultural practices. Another important matter which holds great significance in terms of GMOs, is weather their use helps keeps the world’s population healthy.

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